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Ibadan has seen a dramatic face lift as several road works have been embarked on. Some road users say the completion of the construction at the General Gas area in Akobo has to be hastened. It will make life easier for residents and users, they say.

Motorists and bikers plying the road say the level of progress of work done is affecting their lives and schedules. A motorbike rider who plies the road regularly complained about the slow pace of the work.

Usman Usman said in Nigerian Pidgin: “I don dey ride my bike for this road for three months now since I come from Kano to Ibadan. I want make the governor tell the people wey dey do this road, make dem finish am quick. Aside accident, when cars dey pass, dem dey raise dust and the dust dey affect us okada riders when we dey work.”

Another rider, Olalekan Adekanmi, said they were happy at first when the construction work started last year. They knew it would allow for the free flow of cars and motorbikes. “But right now, work has been slow and it is affecting businesses,” he said. “There have also been a lot of accidents at this junction because there is no traffic warden to direct motorists. Motorists as well as bike riders are always in a hurry especially in the morning when people are trying to rush to work.”

The Chairman of the commercial motorbike riders at General Gas, Tunji Ajiboso, said lauded the government’s efforts. He says work has not be going on it for some time now which has not been good for their business.

A resident, Akinkunmi Adebayo, commended the Oyo State governor, Seyi Makinde, for embarking on rehabilitating major roads in Ibadan. But he thinks work at General Gas area in Akobo should have been completed by now.

“The dust that is raised when cars ply the road is hazardous to our health as road users,” he said. He urged the governor and the ministry of works to look into the speedy completion of the road. It will help ensure the free flow of traffic and a safe driving environment for all road users.

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