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Most Akure residents interviewed do not see the use of traditional means to tackle insecurity as effective.

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu recently challenged the newly-inaugurated Traditional Rulers’ Council in Akure to help the state government to tackle the menace of insecurity by using traditional methods deployed by their forefathers.

Most respondents’ sampled opinions ruled out the use of traditional powers to fight insecurity. They say the citizens depend on the government to protect lives and property and not the traditional rulers who are also subject to state authority.

Civilization has taken over traditional powers

Anthony Nwosu, an Akure-based cobbler, said the governor is the Chief Security Officer of the state. He has everything at his disposal to put security in place. He should know what to do to secure the citizens. “We the citizens are depending on the governor,” he said. “I don’t believe in traditional powers to be effective to tackle insecurity. Civilization has taken those powers away. Me, as a person, I don’t believe in it again.”

For Mrs. Florence, the government needs to strategise to overcome the security challenge. She says the traditional rulers could misuse the power if given the go ahead.

“The traditional rulers have powers they use in the olden days. Some people would come to steal and won’t be able to leave the place. But civilization has taken them away and those our forefathers have died with the power. They should have shown us. But some people would misuse it”.

Traditional powers are not as effective

A trader, Mrs. Adeyemi Kemisola, said the government should seek foreign assistance if need be. “Whatever challenges he is facing concerning insecurity should be resolved within his cabinet. The government should empower the traditional rulers to make them effective in their roles. As it concerns insecurity, traditional powers are not effective. The traditional rulers depend on the government too.”

A civil servant, Mr. Balogun Ayomide, notes that the governor is at the helm of affairs. “I believe he receives security votes,” he said. “He should try everything possible to overcome the security challenge. In the times past, we only had kings and chiefs and they protected their subjects. I believe that if the government gives them the go-ahead, those powers can still be effective. But sincerely speaking, they are not as effective in recent times.”

Try state police

Oluwatimi Olabode, an event planner and caterer, enjoined the governor to try state police with the approval of the federal government. On the use of traditional powers, he said only the government could revive those powers.

Motivate the Amotekun corp

Adedayo Samuel, a commercial farmer, thinks Akeredolu should appeal to the federal government to ensure the welfare of security forces. “I think we have Amotekun Security Force in Ondo State. He should empower them. They should be motivated to do their job. As for the traditional powers, I don’t think they are up and doing. The traditional powers should be revived. The chiefs should use their power, youths leaders should use theirs. Let’s come together and tackle insecurity.”

Other Respondents:

George Bidemi

“There’s no security anywhere, the governor can just try his best. The bandits and other terrorists can also be controlled by the federal government. Traditional powers cannot be effective because those things have been eradicated. We don’t use them anymore”.

Mr Sani

“The governor should call stakeholders that are security moguls to advise the government. The traditional powers can be effective if the government is in support. I believe that those powers are still in existence”.

Mr Olumide John

“The government needs to be active. Look at what happened in Owo, even the governor admitted that they were at fault. The traditional powers can be effective if the government funds the traditional rulers. Aketi (the governor) is active security-wise as far as I am concerned. He is facing that challenge which I think is in every state. Traditional powers are on the ground, still working perfectly. We are not using them, but some still use those powers.”

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