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The Ekiti State chapter of the All Nigeria Conference of Principals of Public Schools (ANCOPPS) has pledged its cooperation with the Football Association.

ANCOPPS has also committed to collaborating with the Ekiti FA in its efforts to identify and nurture football talent from a young age through football competitions among secondary schools in the state as the primary platform.

During a meeting in Ado Ekiti, Mr. Anthony Ajibare, ANCOPPS’ Director of Sports, emphasized that the FA’s vision aligns with their goal of utilizing football to develop the psychomotor skills of students.

Ajibare stated, “Sports is a tool that can be used to cultivate young talent and instill in them valuable life principles. In this case, football has become highly lucrative, attracting widespread interest. I’d like to reference the recent FIFA World Cup hosted by Qatar, where significant funds were invested, resulting in glamour, job opportunities, and more.”

He continued, “Hence, it’s crucial to start nurturing talent at a young age, which is why ANCOPPS, as the association of secondary school principals, is eager to support the FA and empower secondary school students.”

The principals also observed that sports help boost student attendance, unanimously declaring that “football competitions should be used to reinvigorate life in schools.”

In his response, Mr. Bayo Olanlege, Chairman of Ekiti FA, expressed gratitude to the principals for their warm reception and assured them of the FA’s commitment to discovering and developing talent in schools for the benefit of the state.

“We appreciate this opportunity to collaborate at this time of the year, as it allows us to prepare for the coming year. As the body responsible for football in the state, we will create a robust platform for these young talents not only to showcase their abilities but also to pave the way for their success. We already have secondary school competitions for both male and female students, and we will organize more in the future. Grassroots association football is a powerful way to discover talent, and the FA will take every step to make it happen with ANCOPPS’ support.”

Olanlege also took the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of the former Hon. Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology, Dr. Mrs. Bimpe Aderiye, in the establishment and successful organization of the All Ekiti State Secondary Schools Football competition, sponsored by the family of Prof. Akin Oyebode.

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