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  • Shiba Inu and Dogecoin have been at the top of the meme coin charts for some time. 
  • Their supremacy has sustained years of errors, but for the first time their dominance may be challenged.  

Lacking actual crypto products to give the $DOGE & $SHIB tokens true utility, a former investor in the two has developed a cryptocurrency with the technology they lack. Golden Inu token is now in its 2nd round of its ICO presale and may surpass the incredible +10,000% yield predicted for early investments.

The first round of the presale for the Golden Inu Token closed last week after successfully reaching a 100% fulfillment.  After going viral across reddit and google news, the presale’s first round had crypto shrimps and whales buy the remaining 75% of tokens left.

Why is Everyone Buying The New ERC-20 Token, Golden Inu?

The reason for the sudden buyout was the ‘leak’ from the new erc-20 token’s play-to-earn game, Golden Inuverse.   The NFT characters were posted on various social media platforms, confirming the developers have a P2E game under development.

Since then, an official blog was released with a summary of the $Golden Inuverse game, including details on weapons, landscapes, and the number of players that will be allowed to join free.     Though these details can change with time, it shows there’s a major dedication to innovation in the crypto space from Golden Inu’s team.   And this is something both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu developers have failed to deliver.

The release date for the game was shared on a roadmap blog, which includes the opening for $Golden Inuverse registration this week via GoldenInuverse.com, the official play-to-earn gaming site.

Is +10000% High for Returns on Investments in Crypto Trading?

This new P2E game is quite significant for this new ethereum-blockchain based token.    In its quest to become the top memecoin, the game could give the $Golden token more utility than both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.  Neither of these two projects have released such a product that will be a major catalyst to token trading volumes, branding value and equity.

For this reason, and another 2 crypto products scheduled on the $Golden Dashboard, it’s being speculated that Golden Inu may see a +10,000% return on ICO investments within a relatively short period.   And that estimate is ‘low-balling’ according to many crypto traders and blog sites.

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Dogecoin nor Shiba Inu ever released a high end play-to-earn game that would build a gamer subculture and core support.    If $Golden Inuverse fulfills its first target of 1,111 registered users,  this would mean the Golden Inu token’s ranking on the trading volume charts of CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Binance, and Coinbase could skyrocket.

Being rated high on such charts would make the $Golden token visible to millions of crypto traders and have a variety of trickle down effects:  more players on the p2e game, more interest in their Decentralized Exchange, and more random investments from wealthy day traders.

The game’s overall effects would be monumental and an undeniable reality for crypto traders, including smart money.

Golden Inu Developers Are Killing Shiba Inu & DogeCoin

Shiba Inu nor Dogecoin have had such a culture catalyst product.  Yet both managed to see incredible returns on ICO investments as high as +27,000,000%.     And while many are still buying the $DOGE & $SHIB tokens today, hoping it could happen again, it most likely will not.

Why will they not see these types of booms again? It’s simple…  No truly useful technology nor product of great entertainment value has been released ever.

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For this reason, many “ShibArmy” members are now going awol and switching to the Golden Inu token. Alongside the Shiba Inu loyalists, many other ERC-20 token brand loyalists are making the swift transitions as well.

As of last week, even Ethereum token holders who have ‘whale wallets’ have begun buying into the new ICO presale [ here ] from Golden Inu too.  These ‘smart money’ crypto traders moving funds onto the initial coin offering is a big indication that there’s insider knowledge of what’s to come, product wise.  Perhaps there’s awareness on the product that will require the $Golden token.

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