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  • The TRADE project showcases its first demonstrator, emphasizing IOTA’s potential in advancing secure, interoperable Automotive Cyber Systems.
  • Collaborative efforts between Filancore, ETO, and THIngolstadt will refine the system, integrating research from “alfried” for car-to-infrastructure evidence using IOTA.

TRADE Project: Bridging IOTA with the Future of Driving

The buzz at the annual meeting for the BMBF_Bund-funded TRADE project held in Ingolstadt was palpable. The event, hosted at the THIngolstadt Automotive Testcenter CARISSMA, unveiled the first demonstrator, marking a monumental leap towards the realization of an open, secure, and interoperable Automotive Cyber System.

Innovative Collaborations Pave the Way

The last stretch of this dynamic collaboration involving Filancore GmbH, ETO Gruppe, and THIngolstadt is on the horizon, with the project slated to conclude in June 2024. However, the progress observed thus far offers a compelling glimpse into the possibilities that lie ahead.

The TRADE solution is an embodiment of integration and innovation. By melding ETO’s top-tier automotive hardware, Filancore’s Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Identity and Access Management System, and THI’s crafted Automotive Client, the groundwork is being laid for fortified security in autonomous driving. Benjamin Bönisch, VP Digital Products & Services at ETO GRUPPE and farmunited, remarked:

Such a great day today to see TRADE project interacting with @alfried_fn. EtoGruppe in the hearts of both projects with base tech from IOTA. Last week we had a nice testfield demonstration already. Great progress everywhere.

Source: https://twitter.com/BenBoenisch/status/1714648213813125344/photo/1

IOTA’s Decentralized Ledger at the Core

A key objective of this initiative is to seamlessly embed every component within the vehicle. In doing so, insights from the research project “alfried” will be incorporated. The aim? To furnish car-to-infrastructure evidence using IOTA’s Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and decentralized ledger technology (DLT). This holistic approach encapsulates the envisioned trajectory for the future of mobility and autonomous vehicles.

For those unfamiliar, IOTA’s decentralized ledger technology offers a secure, scalable, and feeless transaction framework, pivotal for the intricate dynamics of automotive systems. By leveraging this, vehicles can not only communicate with infrastructure seamlessly but do so with an unparalleled layer of security and trust.

Concluding the project, THIngolstadt, renowned for its prowess in Automotive Security, will undertake comprehensive testing. The primary objective will be to ascertain the efficacy and applicability of SSI within the realm of Automotive Cyber Systems. As the project transitions into its final phase, the focus remains laser-sharp: ensuring the delivery of a system that stands as a beacon for secure, autonomous driving in the modern era.

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