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  • Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade faces delays due to disagreements among developers, raising concerns about its timeline.
  • The Dencun upgrade aims to enhance Ethereum’s security through advanced cryptography, while the Scroll project achieves success with over $15 million in DeFi TVL.

The much-anticipated Dencun upgrade for Ethereum, designed to enhance the platform’s security and scalability, has encountered an unexpected setback. Ethereum client developers have confirmed that they won’t implement the upgrade by year-end because of internal conflicts and consensus issues. This development has raised concerns within the cryptocurrency community, as the delay could exert additional pressure on Ethereum’s market value.

Developer Discord Hinders Dencun Upgrade

The discord among Ethereum developers revolves around two critical facets of the platform: the consensus layer and the execution layer. These two groups, essential for Ethereum’s seamless operation, have found themselves in disagreement concerning the Dencun upgrade.

Last month, Ethereum developers launched the Holešky testnet, but it was already behind schedule, indicating potential challenges ahead. The consensus within the developer community was that thoroughly testing the upgrade before the December holidays appeared increasingly improbable.

During a recent meeting of All Core Developers, the consensus seemed to align with the viewpoint of a pseudonymous Prysm developer, known as Potuz, who boldly declared, “There’s no way we can implement a mainnet fork in 2023.” Potuz highlighted the ongoing consensus issues that have plagued the ten developer networks (devnets) established to test the Dencun upgrade over the past few months, noting that “not a single one of them has progressed smoothly.”

Divergence in Preparedness: Execution vs. Consensus Teams

The divide between Ethereum’s developer teams becomes apparent when comparing the readiness of the execution layer and consensus layer teams for the impending testnets.

While the consensus layer teams have brought attention to multiple issues impeding the progress of test networks, the execution layer teams have reported their readiness for the imminent testnets. Lightclient, a developer for the Geth project, expressed confidence, stating, “We are in a solid position, and many aspects are already on Master,” referring to the primary digital workspace employed by the Go Ethereum project.

However, not all developers share this optimism. As the launch of Devnet 10 commenced, plans were made for the execution clients to undergo broader testing on the Goerli testnet. Prysm’s Potuz expressed reservations, remarking, “I’m not comfortable at all with a full client fork on Goerli.” He cited significant ongoing changes in the Prysm branch, which powers almost half of the consensus layer clients.

The Critical Role of the Dencun Upgrade

But why is the Dencun upgrade so crucial for Ethereum? At its core, this upgrade aims to bolster the security mechanisms for Ethereum’s scaling solution, Proto-Danksharding. It utilizes advanced cryptography methodologies to achieve this objective.

Central to the Dencun upgrade is the KZG Ceremony. In this distinctive process, multiple participants contribute a secret, which then undergoes computations to merge with previous inputs, generating a “structured reference string” (SRS). The SRS is fundamental to the KZG Commitments cryptographic system pivotal to Proto-Danksharding’s functionality.

The outcome of this collaborative effort, involving the ceremony, is incorporated into the Dencun upgrade. The system’s robustness is assured as long as there is at least one genuine participant in the KZG Ceremony. After a prolonged period of collecting inputs, a staggering 141,416 participants ensured that the upgrade’s security level remained unmatched.

Amidst the challenges surrounding the Dencun upgrade, Ethereum’s scaling project, Scroll, has achieved noteworthy progress. Recent reports indicate that Scroll has surpassed $15 million in DeFi Total Value Locked (TVL). This achievement underscores the resilience of Ethereum’s broader ecosystem, even in the face of upgrade delays and internal disagreements.


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