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  • Market experts predict that Ripple will go public once its legal dispute with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is over.
  • Pre-IPO shares are already available and trading for around $60, a clear sign of their demand in the market.

The crypto market is eagerly awaiting news of a Ripple IPO after months of speculation that the company behind the XRP token will make this public. Brad Garlinghouse has in the past stated that the company will consider an IPO but only after the end of the ongoing SEC vs. Ripple case. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleges that Ripple issued unregistered securities in the form of XRP tokens. Ripple has disputed these claims and accused the SEC of regulation by enforcement.

In recent months, minor victories have pointed to Ripple ultimately winning the case. With the three-year case leaning towards a Ripple win, and Ripple finding the case both time-wasting and costly (costing more than $200 million according to the CEO), there are discussions about a possible settlement. Both parties stand to benefit from a mutual settlement.

Although none of the parties has confirmed there are ongoing discussions, it is reported that the SEC is seeking $770 million as a settlement fee. Lawyer John Deaton believes this could fall to under $20 million which he would classify as a win for the fintech company.

Once this case is over, whether by an off-the-court settlement or through a judgment, it is clear that Ripple has ambitious plans for the future. Wall Street financial expert Linda Jones has been discussing when Ripple might go public, what the stock might be worth, and potential acquisition targets. Speaking in an interview with interview with Linqto –  a platform offering Ripple pre-IPO shares – the expert revealed that Garlinghouse could come under pressure from investors. She noted;

Well like I said, Ripple was founded in 2012, and I think their investors want the exit and Brad [Garlinghouse] will get pressure to do that even though they don’t need the money from the IPO.

The analyst further identified May 2024 as her first target as the ideal time for the Ripple IPO to be conducted, explaining;

I think there is an opportunity if Ripple wants to go public next year that mid-May would be an ideal time, right around May 15 would be an ideal time – that’s my first target that they might go public if everything – the stars, the Sun, and the Moon – lined up, and they wanted to go public,

However, she warns that this is just a prediction, and if it does not come to pass, her next prediction is in 2025. In the past, Jones, who has a 25-year career in the financial industry has stated that if Ripple were to be valued at $86 billion, similar to Coinbase, and considering its $21 billion XRP holdings, the combined valuation could reach an impressive $107 billion.

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