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  • Robert Kiyosaki encourages more Bitcoin, gold, and silver investing amid economic uncertainty
  • Rebel Satoshi fascinates meme coin enthusiasts

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ author Robert Kiyosaki is a popular Bitcoin maxi. He is also quite vocal about disliking the U.S. government and financial system.

Kiyosaki affirmed this sentiment recently, rallying his followers to buy ‘more gold, silver and Bitcoin.’ While a decent idea, a new meme coin is proving to be a cost-efficient investment with massive value potential.

Kiyosaki Claims Government Leaders Want More War And Poverty

Kiyosaki is known to bang the drum about digital currencies, especially Bitcoin. The author sees the project as the best crypto investment and a ‘safe-haven’ for any economic collapse. In a recent Twitter post, he claimed to be buying more Bitcoin and gold and silver, two of his other favorite financial assets.

Kiyosaki continued to affirm his disdain for global leaders, stating they wanted more and poverty. He encouraged his followers to ‘work hard, spend wisely,’ and care for themselves and those they love.

Kiyosaki is an example of a defiant figure who encourages going against the monetary status quo for financial freedom and wisdom. This is why he preaches about cryptocurrencies, which center around decentralization.

Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) echoes similar sentiments of challenging formidable centralized organizations like governments and banks. It provides an accessible meme coin to celebrate this defiance.

Let’s learn more about RebelSatoshi and how it’s a top crypto to invest in.


RebelSatoshi Captivates Meme Coin Investors

Rebel Satoshi is a captivating, community-driven meme coin modeled after Satoshi Nakamoto. The latter created an unprecedented decentralized currency when most didn’t see their vision. Rebel Satoshi is taking the baton, becoming the torchbearer for decentralization.

It combines memes, interactive quests, and structures from top DeFi projects. The Rebel Meme Hall of Fame will be a space to be recognized and gain laughs by sharing the best rebel-inspired memes.

In celebration of Rebel Satoshi, the project plans to launch two NFT collections of almost 10,000 unique collectibles and digital art in a vibrant marketplace. Lastly, users can earn excellent returns by staking the $RBLZ token.

Interestingly, like Bitcoin and gold, $RBLZ has a fixed supply of 250 million, which is crucial for several reasons. The supply of traditional fiat currency is infinite. This results in inflation and decreases the value over time. Meanwhile, $RBLZ‘s supply is the opposite, making it more scarce and valuable.

Rebel Satoshi will take it further by ‘burning’ or removing unsold tokens from circulation once the project launches. This will happen after its presale, currently in the Early Bird Round or first stage.

$RBLZ is worth $0.010, an affordable price allowing buyers to own as much of the 250 million supply as possible. It is expected that $RBLZ will surge 30% in the next stage of its presale, reaching a price of $0.013. The most significant holding will experience the most from the 150% gain after the presale when $RBLZ is worth $0.025.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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