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  • CryptoQuant analysis suggests possible near-term correction, with more than 88% of Bitcoin supply in profit.
  • Rumors of Qatar Sovereign Wealth Fund investment in Bitcoin fuel debate on institutional adoption and price rise.

Will Bitcoin break the $50,000 barrier next week? This question also arises from the predictions of renowned analysts in the sector, who meticulously analyze market oscillations.

The financial community is on the edge of its seat with the latest trend in the cryptocurrency world: the possibility of Bitcoin reaching $50,000 by January. This excitement is intensified by news that the Qatar Sovereign Wealth Fund may be considering a foray into the Bitcoin industry, a move that would mark a milestone in the institutional adoption of crypto assets .

A Month of Unstoppable Rise

Bitcoin has registered a remarkable rise of over 22% in just one month. This growth is attributed to a confluence of several factors, most notably the expectation of a Bitcoin ETF and looser monetary policy from the U.S. Federal Reserve. Against this backdrop, retail investors have not missed the opportunity to “buy on the dip”, especially after a rally led by large institutional investors, with crucial support at $43,000.

Expert Predictions

CredibleCrypto, an influential analyst in the crypto arena, recently revealed that cash bids of around $30 million have emerged from significant support levels. Although he initially anticipated a possible drop below local BTC lows, he now perceives widespread optimism and sees the BTC price feasible to reach $50,000 in the coming week if active buying continues.

It has been noted that bids in the Binance spot market have executed satisfactorily. Despite the decline in open interest on Binance and Bybit, bids continue to push the price higher. Traders should watch for confirmation signals, such as a rebound of the RSI from the 50 level and price stability at the 21 EMA on 4-hour charts.

The Upside: Signs of a Bull Market

Despite these concerns, there are positive indicators. Alistar Milne, a well-known Bitcoin analyst, examined the weekly chart and noted that the current BTC market has been especially long under the 200-week moving average.


Sourcer: @alistairmilne → The 50-week moving average will now soon cross back above the 200-week MA making a ‘golden cross’ for the 1st time

According to Milne, the 50-week moving average is likely to cross back above the 200-week moving average in a “Golden Cross” formation, which would be indicative of an early bull market for Bitcoin.

Recent increases in the price of Bitcoin have also been influenced by announcements and proposals by companies and government entities. El Salvador, for example, has launched a Visa and citizenship program in collaboration with Tether, incentivizing a $1 million investment in Bitcoin or USDT.

On the other hand, Robinhood has introduced commission-free cryptocurrency trading in the European Union, encouraging cryptocurrency adoption and increasing demand in that region. These events could continue to boost the Bitcoin price and strengthen the bullish outlook for BTC.

Market Indicators and Bitcoin Volatility

Of particular interest isthe report referencing the “Bitcoin bull/bear market cycle indicator.” This indicator currently shows a bull market, but suggests that it is approaching an “overheated bull phase,” which historically has aligned with pauses in price rallies or corrections.


Source: CryptoDan

CryptoQuant analysts noted that more than 88% of Bitcoin supply is in profit, which could increase selling pressure. These observations lead to a warning about possible short-term corrections, as high levels of circulating supply in profit have often aligned with local market spikes.

The report advises caution due to the possibility of a short-term correction, especially considering that 86% of circulating supply is currently in profit and financing rates are notably high.

The Impact of the Qatar Rumor on the Bitcoin Market

The rumor of Qatar’s involvement in Bitcoin has caused a considerable stir. Luke Broyles, a well-known Bitcoin advocate, has addressed these rumors by highlighting the importance of supply and demand in the Bitcoin market.

Broyles pointed to the $76 billion in BTC that still remains on cryptocurrency exchanges and stressed the immutable nature of Bitcoin supply, suggesting that any significant investment by entities such as the Qatar Sovereign Wealth Fund could drive prices higher.

However, Broyles also expressed skepticism, considering the Qatar rumors unlikely. This view is echoed by other experts, who note that the $475 billion sovereign wealth fund is unlikely to invest fully in BTC.

An Uncertain but Promising Future

The price of BTC, currently hovering around $43,200, appears to be at an inflection point. With analysis and speculation pointing to a possible significant increase in its value, the crypto community remains expectant.

The possibility of Bitcoin reaching $50,000 in the next week remains a topic of heated debate. The combination of technical, fundamental and market factors continues to fuel both optimism and caution surrounding the immediate future of this leading cryptocurrency.

Qatar’s potential entry into this space adds a layer of expectation and could be a catalyst for further institutional adoption. However, investors should remain cautious and attentive to market indicators, as the road to $50,000 may be fraught with fluctuations and corrections.

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