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  • EOS Network Foundation and EOS Labs partner with ESCC to revolutionize stablecoin transactions, improving speed and efficiency.
  • The collaboration introduces stablecoins as gas fees on the EOS network, optimizing costs and offering interoperability with Ethereum.

In an exciting collaboration that promises to improve the transactional system in the cryptocurrency world, EOS Network Foundation (ENF) and EOS Labs have joined forces with EOS Stable Coin Chain (ESCC), a pioneering project in the stablecoins arena. This alliance seeks to empower the EOS ecosystem by providing a more efficient and secure platform for stablecoin transactions.

A Boost to Stablecoin Transactions

ESCC’s integration into the EOS ecosystem is designed to revolutionize stablecoin transactions. Utilizing advanced EOS EVM technology, this collaboration is expected to deliver unprecedented transaction efficiency.

Among the highlights of this union are processing speed, with block intervals of only 1 second and extremely low transaction costs, as well as a high capacity to handle a large volume of transactions.

Innovation and Financial Stability in Blockchain

This agreement not only aims to improve transactional efficiency, but also to introduce significant changes in the financial arena within the blockchain. One of the most notable innovations is ESCC’s use of stablecoins for gas tariffs, which improves cost predictability and reduces the volatility associated with cryptocurrency-based gas tariffs.

Collaboration Highlights

  • Speed and Low Cost: ESCC achieves fast processing with 1-second block intervals, significantly reducing transaction times. In addition, transaction costs are remarkably low, approximately 0.005 USD per transaction.
  • High Capacity: The system can handle more than 950 exchanges per second, demonstrating remarkable capacity for high-volume transaction processing.

EOS Network Announces Strategic Partnership with ESCC

Development of Flexible and Compliant Blockchain Solutions

The partnership between ESCC and EOS Network benefits from a flexible architecture, which adapts to both open and regulated stablecoin environments, including complex KYC processes. This versatility aligns EOS Network with its goal of offering adaptable and compliant blockchain solutions to diverse market needs.

Compatibility between EOS and Ethereum

A key feature of this partnership is the integration of EOS EVM technology within ESCC, which not only enhances the EOS ecosystem but also establishes a connection with the Ethereum ecosystem. This facilitates greater interoperability between the two platforms, allowing developers to leverage Ethereum’s Solidity programming language and tools within the EOS environment.

About EOS Network and ESCC

EOS Network is a third-generation blockchain operating system, highlighted by its low-latency, high-performance WebAssembly engine designed for near-costless transactions and an optimal Web3 experience. ESCC focuses on the efficient processing of stablecoin transactions, using stablecoins as gas tariffs, an innovative approach to mitigate volatility in digital transactions.

For more information on these platforms and what’s new, you can visit eosnetwork.com and escc.io. With this alliance, EOS Network and ESCC are setting a new standard in the world of stablecoins, promising a more stable, efficient and accessible future for cryptocurrencies.

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