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  • Polygon Labs refocuses efforts, ceasing contributions to Edge to expand its Cloud Development Kit, enhancing tools for blockchain developers.
  • Canto integrates into Polygon’s ecosystem using its CDK, benefiting from Ethereum’s security and liquidity, marking a migration trend.

Polygon Labs, a key company in the blockchain space, is changing the rules of how blockchains work. Recently, they decided to stop contributing to their Edge framework. Why? Because they are putting all their efforts into expanding their Cloud Development Kit (CDK). It’s a shift in priorities that responds to the changing needs of the blockchain community.

The Edge framework, which used to be the foundation for several blockchain projects, is now relegated in Polygon Labs’ development roadmap. But what does this really mean? Let’s dig a little deeper.

The Reason Behind Polygon Labs’ Shift

Polygon CDK provides developers with a set of pre-written code snippets and libraries. This makes it much easier to create applications. It is an open source, permissionless technology used to design and build zero-knowledge chains.

With this focus on the CDK, Polygon Labs seeks to improve accessibility and facilitate the development of blockchain projects on its platform. This strategic shift also follows the industry trend of prioritizing developer-friendly tools and infrastructure.

As demand for blockchain solutions increases, there is a need to provide developers with efficient and scalable tools. This shift underscores Polygon Labs’ commitment to remain agile and responsive in the face of rapidly evolving blockchain technology.

Canto Migrating to Polygon CDK at ETH

Recently, Canto, a native Cosos layer 1 blockchain, migrated to Ethereum (ETH) as a layer 2 zero-knowledge (zk) rollup powered by Polygon CDK. Canto envisions building a blockchain dedicated to real-world assets. The CDK will be central to this new design, allowing Canto to access liquidity from a unified Polygon ecosystem with easy access to ETH.

Benefits of the Polygon-Canto Relationship

Polygon and Canto will enjoy the security tied to ETH, allowing for greater decentralization and trustless guarantees when moving assets. In addition, Canto explained in the X application its decision to adopt the Polygon CDK, highlighting its capabilities and functionality, including permissionless sovereignty, security and liquidity.

Multiple Migrations from Different Blockchains

It’s not just Canto that is migrating. Other projects, such as the Y00ts Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), are also switching blockchains. Y00ts, which had moved from Solana to Polygon, is now hinting at a future migration to Ethereum.

Polygon Gains Prominence Through Strategic Partnerships

Polygon is not only focused on gaming, but is also expanding into other sectors through more entrepreneurial partnerships. For example, Arkham Intelligence now supports Polygon, which represents a big step towards building ‘Total Crypto Intelligence’ across all blockchains.

Polygon and the Giants of Wall Street

Polygon is making major moves. It records millions of dollars in daily transfers and has over 213 million unique addresses in its blockchain ecosystem. Data analytics firms like Arkham need to offer support for more blockchain ecosystems to reach a wider audience.

In turn, blockchain ecosystems like Polygon help bridge the gap between traditional organizations and Web3.0. Polygon has also partnered with industry giants like Disney and Stripe, strengthening its presence in the NFT space.


Polygon Labs’ decision to shift its focus from the Edge framework to CDK is in response to the evolving market and developer needs. This change will not only affect current projects, but will also define the company’s future direction in the blockchain space.

With these new partnerships and a clear vision for the future, Polygon Labs is positioning itself as a leader in blockchain innovation. What will the future hold? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Polygon Labs is leading the way.

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