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Investors and traders are currently scanning the DeFi market for the best coins to buy for gains in 2024. Below we discuss a number of tokens with huge upside potential` ahead of the 2024 bullrun, has highlighted three coins for you to consider they include VeChain, Ripple, and Pullix

VeChain (VET) Price Skyrockets, Analyst Responds 

A 60 percent gain since late November has put centrist coin VeChain (VET) squarely in the middle of this year’s post-BTC altcoin rush. It is now one of the best crypto picks, as we approach late December. In the past week, VeChain has risen 12.6% and by an impressive 60.7 % over the previous month alone.

The recent surge has seen the token hit a new 2023 high of $ 0.1658 this month. Many market experts have clear confidence about the future rising potential of VeChain. According to the analysis of crypto analyst Rekt Capital, bridging this Volume Gap from $0. 01728 mid-range support and moving through a high at around $0.02694.

Rekt Capital is also optimistic about VeChain and believes it is soon going to be ready for a showdown at the $0.050 resistance price level and continue battling its way up just beyond the $ 6 resistance line thereafter.

Analyst Outlines the Ripple (XRP) Road To $1

Top market analyst EGRAG Crypto has identified three key short-term price targets for Ripple (XRP). If Ripple coin crosses these targets, it could begin a promising rally for the altcoin. These crucial price points are $0.6530, $0.6720, and $0.70. 

Each of these resistance levels plays a significant role in Ripple’s potential climb towards $1. Meanwhile, EGRAG believes that Ripple XRP is currently laying a strong foundation for an upward movement. 

This would allow it to not only reach but also maintain the $1 level as a new support point. He is optimistic about Ripple’s chances to achieve even higher values. Meanwhile, Ripple coin is currently traded at the $0.598013-$0.647088 price range.

Why the DeFi Project, Pullix (PLX), Has Been Gaining Momentum

Pullix (PLX) is a hybrid trading platform that aims to change how people trade, the tools they use, and the assets available for trading. The trading platform promises to offer users access to trading markets like forex, gold, commodities, stocks, equities, etc.

Meanwhile, let’s look at three features that make Pullix a worthy contender in the DeFi market.

The Pullix DeFi Swap is transforming the way tokens are traded, boasting low fees and a fully decentralized setup. Here, trades are automatically executed using smart contracts. This makes Pullix one of the best crypto platforms for trading.

It runs on an Automated Market Maker (AMM) model. Therefore, trades are dome against a liquidity pool instead of requiring a direct match with another trader. This setup reduces the cost you would have paid for swapping and faster transactions. 

Pullix’s lending protocol introduces additional functionality. It consists of money markets for both lending and borrowing, with a focus on accessibility and efficiency.

A significant advantage is that interest rates are set algorithmically based on supply and demand. This ensures you always get the best possible rates.

VaultX is a platform where users can earn compound interest on their cryptocurrency investments. With Pullix, you get high APYs, and you know what this means – high earnings on your crypto portfolio.

Final Thoughts 

There are quite a few DeFi projects out there, like VeChain or Ripple, but Pullix is one that prospective investors need to keep on their radar in 2024.It is scheduled to go live in Q12024, which the crypto community eagerly anticipates.

The project even has analysts bullish on it and forecasting a 100x price surge post-launch. Moreover, analysts have identified the project’s distinctive features as a key factor in future growth. Pullix is in the middle of its fourth stage of its presale with tokens currently valued at $0.07.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

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