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Ethereum (ETH) is the dominant force among top altcoins, and the token validated this assertion once again after recording a 100% increase in 2023. Interestingly, ETH is predicted to record another surge in 2024. However, investors recently discovered and invested in Borroe Finance ($ROE), a new crypto token that promised to deliver a triple-digit ROI. Keep reading to see expert forecasts and opinions on these tokens.    


2023 Crypto Review: Discussing Ethereum’s Security Concerns

2023 was eventful for Ethereum, and ETH recorded a 100% increase ($1,200 in January to $2,400 in December). However, the world’s best altcoins leader faced security challenges. According to Casa co-founder Jameson Lopp, Ethereum lost $1.35 billion to exploits, accounting for 70% of all DeFi losses in 2023. In other news, experts say the new proposal from Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin could create loopholes in the blockchain.

On December 28, Vitalik Buterin submitted a Proof-of-Stake simplification proposal to make consensus implementation lighter. According to the proposal, Buterin plans to reduce the signatures required from approximately 28,000 to 8,200 signatures. However, crypto experts have said Ethereum may end up sacrificing security for efficiency because this new proposal will reduce complexity and open up the Ethereum blockchain to more exploits.  

Amidst these security concerns, Ethereum sustained its bullish momentum in December. On December 1, ETH traded for $2,054. A few weeks later, ETH gained 14.24% and sold for $2,348 on December 29. Analysts say ETH will likely surge and trade for $2,900 in 2024. For context, the SEC will likely approve Ether Spot ETFs in 2024, and the upcoming BTC halving is predicted to trigger a general crypto bull run next year.

Borroe Finance: Combining AI and Blockchain to Deliver Decentralized Web3 Fundraising

DeFi companies often encounter the same short-term liquidity problem after launching their platforms. Sadly, traditional financial institutions hardly give credit to web3 businesses due to the risky nature of the industry. This funding gap led some blockchain developers to create an AI-powered fundraising platform called Borroe Finance. On Borroe Finance, web3 businesses can access instant cash by selling future earnings at a discount.

For context, Borroe Finance is the world’s first web3 blockchain invoice discounting NFT marketplace. As a decentralized funding platform, Borroe Finance allows web3 participants to mint their future earnings into trending NFTs and sell them to supportive communities at discounted prices. To ensure the safety and security of the fundraising process, Borroe Finance incorporates AI-risk assessment and blockchain technology into its protocol.

Currently, $ROE is selling for $0.0175 in its third presale stage, which is 90.25% complete. After all presale stages conclude, $ROE will hit the mainstream crypto market and sell for $0.04. According to analysts, this $ROE price movement will deliver a massive 128.6% ROI to early investors in 2024. Furthermore, experts predict a quick market adoption for $ROE, meaning the token will likely trade for $0.1750 by December 2024.

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