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  • VeChain has made plans to launch smart contract wallets for greater connectivity.
  • The wallets will amplify its supply chain offerings and enterprise solutions across the board.

VeChain, a prominent player in the blockchain space, is gearing up for the introduction of smart contract wallets, a development set to connect billions of people and companies worldwide. This move not only underscores VeChain’s commitment to technological advancement but also solidifies its leadership in the blockchain space.

VeChain Unveils Account Abstraction

The announcement, highlighted by the popular VeChain community member eisenreich on X, reveals that VeChain is on the verge of introducing Account Abstraction (AA). This development will pave the way for the utilization of smart contract wallets, opening up exciting possibilities for both developers and users. eisenreich expressed optimism about the future, noting the potential for widespread adoption.

The introduction of ERC-4337 Account Abstraction showcases VeChain’s commitment to security, a crucial aspect of blockchain technology. This innovation brings forth programmable smart contract wallets, a feature that promises to enhance user experience within the VeChain ecosystem.

In collaboration with Electi Consulting, VeChain is currently undergoing a comprehensive audit of the smart contracts associated with AA by the reputable cybersecurity company, Hacken. This meticulous approach ensures that the core account abstraction contracts will meet the highest standards before being made available on both Testnet and Mainnet. 

VeChain’s strategic focus on connecting billions of individuals and businesses reflects its goal of making blockchain technology accessible on a global scale. The user-friendly interface of smart contract wallets strives to bridge the gap between traditional users and the complexity of blockchain, promoting widespread adoption.

VeChain Enhancing Supply Chain Transparency

It is worth mentioning that VeChain has already made notable strides in the supply chain industry, providing businesses with transparent and traceability solutions. The introduction of smart contract wallets amplifies this impact by allowing stakeholders to automate and execute agreements within the supply chain using smart contracts.

The platform’s collaboration with the coffee industry, allowing consumers to trace the journey of coffee beans from production to distribution, exemplifies the practical application of blockchain in promoting transparency and consumer confidence.

Moreover, VeChain has previously collaborated with industry giant Google, emphasizing the practical applications of smart contracts beyond token speculation. Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine, a notable blockchain offering, empowers users to access blockchain data, execute transactions, build smart contracts, and deploy decentralized applications. 

Adding to its impressive lineup of innovations, VeChain has unveiled VORJ, a revolutionary tool that empowers users to deploy Decentralized Applications (dApps), create tokens, launch Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and deploy Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) without the need for coding. 

As of the latest update, VeChain’s native token, VET, is trading at $0.02949, down by 3.06%. Conversely, it has a 2.9% increase in 24-hour trading volume pegged at $36.2 million. Analysts, such as the social media figure AJ, identify VET as a top pick for 2024

AJ points to the recent Golden Cross formation, a trend that historically lead to significant price spikes, with VeChain experiencing over a 3,000% increase in the following year during similar occurrences.

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