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  • The ETH Passport Stamp improves security on Ethereum, merging transaction history and advanced predictive models.
  • Dencun update introduces proto-danksharding, reducing transaction costs and optimizing data storage on blockchain.

The implementation of the new ETH Passport Stamp represents a breakthrough in user verification within the Ethereum ecosystem. This tool integrates on-chain transaction history with advanced predictive modeling to accurately identify the authenticity of each Ethereum account.

This launch is a step forward in protecting against Sybil attacks, strengthening security in the digital environment.

The ETH Passport Stamp, developed from the experience accumulated in protecting platforms such as the Gitcoin Grants program, reflects an evolved strategy in defending against Sybil attacks. This robust system is the result of a thorough analysis of Passport data and a deep understanding of on-chain activities.

The updated ETH Passport ETH Stamp introduces an advanced methodology in user verification, surpassing traditional methods based on parameters such as ETH balance, transaction count and gas spending. This approach analyzes a broader spectrum of on-chain activities, efficiently differentiating legitimate users from Sybils. This, in turn, allows users to improve their Passport Score.

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The introduction of the ETH Passport Stamp initiates a new stage of blockchain activity credentials and user empowerment. Users can increase their Passport Score through three new chain activity credentials – Eth Advocate, Eth Pioneer and Eth Maxi, each contributing 3.54 points to the user’s score.

While the new ETH Passport ETH Stamp may initially lower some users’ scores, it represents a move toward a more secure, data-driven verification process. This system prioritizes chain transaction data to accurately reflect the user’s unique activity on the network.

For users, the seal facilitates a straightforward process to improve their score by simply linking their Ethereum address and actively participating in the web ecosystem3. This is the beginning of a series of initiatives to simplify human verification, with more innovative solutions in development.


On the other hand, the Dencun update, despite hiccups in the Goerli testnet, has shown its ability to overcome. A bug in the Prysm nodes, which caused a delay in completion, was promptly resolved, without impeding the progress of the project.

Dencun’s main feature, proto-danksharding, seeks to significantly reduce transaction costs in Layer 2 and optimize data storage on the blockchain. This advancement benefits not only Ethereum, but also the blockchain ecosystem in general.

The Dencun upgrade has marked a technical milestone and could influence Ethereum’s market performance. For example, after the Shapella upgrade, the price of ETH experienced a notable increase.

In addition, Ethereum has seen a more than 20% increase in value versus Bitcoin, coinciding with an increase in ETH derivatives market activity and an increase in its market dominance compared to Bitcoin since the ETF approval.

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