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  • After its Saga phones sold out, Solana Mobile is working on Chapter 2, its next smartphone, and it has already recorded 60,000 preorders as demand soars.
  • CEO Anatoly Yakovenko described the demand as “incredible” and a show of “a real community of dedicated users,” with NFT rewards among the perks of inviting other buyers.

Once dismissed as a swing and a miss in the crypto community, Solana’s smartphones have become a major success, and with over 60,000 preorders for the upcoming second edition, optimism is at a high.

Solana Mobile launched its first smartphone, the Saga, in May last year. The phone was a flop, with its average Android features found in almost every other smartphone. The one unique offering, Web3 capabilities, failed to draw in customers. In late November last year, Solana Labs founder Anatoly Yakovenko revealed that the company was introducing new features to revamp the phone’s prospects.

That changed in late December when the phone sold out as airdrops to Saga owners boosted the demand. Solana Mobile is now working on Chapter 2, its next smartphone, and 60,000 people have made preorders in just three weeks, according to the firm.

Yakovenko described the reception of the upcoming phone as incredible. He told one outlet:

The response to Solana Mobile has been incredible. Since Chapter 2 was announced, we’ve had over 60,000 preorders and built a real community of dedicated users.

Solana Plans Smartphone Takeover With Chapter 2

When Saga launched last year, it debuted at $1,000, around the same price as a flagship Apple iPhone. The iPhone was an easy choice for customers, and even those who prefer Android went for Samsung, Huawei and other established smartphones.

Solana Mobile slashed the price to $599, which played a part in attracting more customers.

With Chapter 2, the company has learned its lesson and will price it at $450, a more accessible entry point for new customers.

However, the one factor that sent Saga’s demand soaring was the airdrops. Saga owners would receive airdrops from projects building on the Solana ecosystem, the most significant being Bonk, the meme coin that shot up 8,000% last year. Saga owners received 30 million BONK tokens, which were worth $700 at the time. Other projects like Access Protocol and Saga Monkes also gifted owners with tokens, with the former airdropping ACS tokens worth $250.

With Chapter 2, the owners will get rewarded from the get-go. Solana Mobile has launched a leaderboard that ranks users by how many referrals they have made. The company keeps taking a snapshot of the leaderboard, with the first 1,500 receiving a “unique soul-bound, non-transferrable Element NFT.”

Anyone who preorders also receives a token. The company stated:

If you preordered Chapter 2, you’ll receive a special soulbound, non-transferrable Preorder Token. This will signal to our ecosystem teams that you’re part of this incredible journey with Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 owners will also stand to receive other airdrops next year once they purchase their phones.

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