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  • Ethereum’s 2023 saw challenges amid consistent gains, with prices showing growth but failing to consolidate, raising doubts about sustained bullish momentum.
  • Market volatility in January 2024, including a significant price correction and denial of a spot BTC ETF, prompts speculation about the future trajectory of Ethereum and cryptocurrencies, with analysts divided on the potential outcomes.

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, has been going through a somewhat challenging year in 2023, while at the same time recording consistent gains. The price has been steadily growing over the past months, but it failed to consolidate several times. This caused Ether to be unable to climb even higher than it could theoretically have. Binance.com/en has seen increasing engagement rates and interest from traders looking to grow their portfolios before the arrival of the next bull market.

However, some are less optimistic and believe the momentum might have already passed. Here’s what you should know about the predictions for 2024.

The overview

In 2023, gains started right away, during the first few days of January. This caused considerable optimism and excitement among the investors, who were convinced that things would improve and the lost value of 2022 would return. Only a few months later, they realized they might have hurried to draw conclusions as the market began reeling under the weight of regulations and the collapse of several well-known exchanges and crypto-friendly banks. The fact that these events were associated with fraudulent activities didn’t help the world of virtual finance anyway, and many began to fundamentally doubt the trustworthiness of cyber currencies.

January 2024 didn’t start as positively, and on the 3rd, there was a considerable correction of 14%, which was the price point from $2,380 to $2,050. All this happened in less than two hours. This price wasn’t recorded since December 1st, so the correction essentially wiped away a month’s worth of gains and consolidation. The downward swing also liquidated $100 million worth of long-term contracts, which were based on a price increase. Some investors and researchers have started considering the fact that this might be a clear sign that the bullish momentum has already passed, especially as there have been several attempts to breach the $2,400 level that ultimately didn’t amount to anything.

Possible triggers

But is that assertion correct, and if so, what might have caused it? Many investors remain unconvinced that the bullish momentum has ended before it could properly start. They point towards Ether’s third drop below the $2,150 level during the past month as evidence that this is just part of the regular price consolidation. The recovery to $2,230 was swift, which is another indicator that the price might be doing better than initially estimated.

But what caused the drop? The denial of the spot BTC ETF, one of the many that occurred in the aftermath of all the previous delays that affected the market, is clearly one of the reasons. The market has been very excited about the prospect of an ETF, as it would expand market accessibility, boost prices and usher in the beginning of a new era for cryptocurrencies, one in which they approach mainstream asset status.

Yet, some analysts are not convinced that all is lost. Some believe the approval odds remain close to 90%, only that it will take the SEC much more than initially predicted. That means that fluctuations would continue to impact the environment, perhaps leading to more value losses. According to some data, markets overreacted in two opposite directions: showing too much confidence in the January 10th deadline and conflating opinions with actual news.


Some investors believe the market was overbought, meaning the buyers used excessive leverage. This strategy made the bulls a relatively easy target for whale investors. This isn’t just an educated guess but the result of a thorough analysis of the future annualized premium that shows figures between 5% and 10% under normal circumstances. On December 18th, the numbers were 11%, slightly above regular levels, then surged to almost 30% on January 2nd.

At the same time, the coin went through a 15% rally. It’s also important to remember that sustaining these positions is costly for buyers in the long term. The last time a similar situation occurred was August 17th 2023. That day, approximately $170 million worth was liquidated in twenty-four hours. A price correction followed, but there was also a rebound that occurred only two hours later. December 19th was the only time the Ether put options were behind the calls from a volume standpoint.

These market movements suggest that the demand for protection strategies is a waning force. As such, it seems clear that the January 3rd fall wasn’t the result of just one single change and market shift but instead of the cumulated actions of several factors that acted together and resulted in a fall. At the same time, data indicates that the market remains relatively healthy, so there are plenty of reasons to be excited and optimistic about 2024.


Cypherpunk is an individual who advocates for the increased and widespread use of more robust cryptography, as well as other technologies that can enhance the privacy of users. The movement has social and political roots, as the groups aimed to achieve better security by being more proactive online and finding different approaches to ensure and guarantee complete privacy. Vitalik Buterin, one of the Ethereum co-founders, believes that the blockchain’s cypherpunk core has increasingly been pushed away since 2017 when the systems began to become over-financial.

In the beginning, Ethereum was set to be something akin to a shared hard drive that could provide P2P messaging and storage for files. The decentralized nature of the blockchain and its resistance to censorship are some of the values that the crypto space shares with cypherpunk. That’s enough to convince users of the importance of preserving this ecosystem and helping it develop further.

2024 will be an important year for cryptocurrencies. The path to growth has already been laid in 2023, and the progress of the ecosystem is set to continue over the next few years. It’s crucial to remain attentive and mindful of changes in the environment. If you’re an investor, you know the importance of protecting your assets and portfolio and understand that a single wrong choice can have serious consequences.

Don’t rush to make decisions before you get a chance to examine them thoroughly. It could be all the difference between losses and gains.

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