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Cryptocurrencies are set to explode as the coming bull market is imminent. However, predictions lean more toward layer-2 tokens and meme coins booming than the top tier legacy coins with bloated market caps  like Ethereum. Layer-2s are tipped to outperform $ETH, making them a better option. Here, we consider four altcoins poised to bring better returns than $ETH. 

Galaxy Fox: High Profit-yielding Hybrid Token 

Galaxy Fox is a fast-progressing presale token generating huge buzz. The meme coin’s deflationary nature makes its value appreciation more feasible. While other features like multiple use cases and real-life usage increase its relevance and adoption. $GFOX is the meme coin to watch out for. It aims to dominate the meme ecosystem and gain prominence in the web3 space. The Ethereum-based coin will serve utility functions on various web3 platforms, gathering more interest and attention. This will aid its bid to become a top meme coin. 

Galaxy Fox integrates a play-to-earn mechanism into its web3 runner game to reward top players after performing better. This makes it a P2E token as well as a meme coin. The hybrid token is positioned to enjoy the growth effect of the GameFi and meme sector, increasing its success potential. Galaxy Fox is set to reward early investors the most. Thus, the earlier you commit to the undervalued token, the higher your potential return is. 

The meme coin is still in its presale stage 7, meaning it’s not too late for a profitable commitment. Investors looking to profit can take advantage of its low value before it skyrockets during the retail stage. 

Can Layer-2 Tokens Outshine Ethereum in the Coming Months? 

Ethereum is inarguably one of the most used blockchain networks, and its cryptocurrency, Ether, remains the most valuable altcoin. $ETH has maintained its top ranking for a long time, and no altcoin can topple its $278.9 billion market value anytime soon. However, Ether’s price outlook causes concern, as pundits believe Layer-2 native tokens will perform better. 

The layer-2 blockchains are gaining prominence and adoption due to their better efficiency, scalability, and lower gas fees. This has improved their market performance, leaving them poised for a better 2024. Polygon (MATiC), Arbitrum (ARB), and Loopring (LRC) are some of the Layer-2s looking to outshine $ETH, and it’s left to see if they can achieve it. Regardless, $ETH is tipped to set a new year-high around $3K soon and could happen during this imminent bull run. 

Polygon ($MATIC) Nears Return to $1 

$MATIC has struggled to build sustained momentum since the previous year, falling below $1 from $1.50. However, it is gradually reversing its loss, and a more sustained rally seems imminent. Despite the market’s high-impacting downside, the cryptocurrency is only about 6% down in the last month, according to Coinmarketcap. It has a $0.95 month-high, the closest it came to $1 since its price dump. Currently, $MATIC is trying to break the $0.8 barrier and could surge toward $1 and beyond when it breaks out. 

Arbitrum (ARB) Looks Set to Impress Investors Again 

Arbitrum is a layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution with the native currency, $ARB. The crypto coin didn’t have a profit-yielding market run in the previous year, as its price hit the lowest value in September. $ARB rallied from its $0.74 all-time low to a $2.40 all-time high last month. This amounts to more than 100% gain for patient investors. However, the upward rally didn’t last long, as the altcoin dipped below $1.50. 

However, available chart data suggests that $ARB is now on a recovery run. It’s up by 3% compared to the previous day at the time of writing. The 24-hour trading volume is also up by 34%, and its $2.3+ billion market cap slightly increased. $ARB may maintain this bullish run for a while. 

Loopring ($LRC) Price Outlook 

$LRC is another layer-2 token that had a downward rally in 2023. The crypto coin dipped by over 30% from April to December, dropping from $0.45 to $0.24. $LRC made a recovery attempt in the first week of the new year but reversed the action due to the high market volatility. The crypto coin is now making another attempt, as it hopes to rally from its current $0.22 price to a new month high of around $0.30. Pundits expect further price increases when the bull market fully manifests. 


Layer-2s had a difficult run in the previous year, but they look poised to correct that this year. Pundits expect them to express better price improvement than $ETH. Galaxy Fox is another profit-making opportunity for investors. It’s set to boom on retail exchange, and joining earlier will yield more profit. 

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