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Since the beginning of the year, $BTC has been on a steady uptrend and has crossed the $48,000 mark twice. As expected, several altcoins also saw significant increase in their prices as bitcoin pumps. Some of the tokens leading in gains include $KAS, $SUI, and $IMX, as well as a new and innovative token called $GFOX. However, $GFOX stands out amongst those tokens, the project recently entered stage 8 of its presale and is on course to hit the $3.5 million mark in token sales.

Rising Demand and Fair Launch Propel $KAS to Impressive Gains

$KAS is one of the altcoins offered as an alternative to $BTC and famous for its recent gains and innovative approach to blockchain scalability and speed. While the token traded at $0.093 on January 23, it began an uptrend, which saw its price rise above 50% to reach $0.144 on February 12. 

A key factor driving the price of $KAS upwards is its fair launch, which prevents $KAS tokens from currently being listed on exchanges. Experts see positivity in this model because when crypto exchanges eventually list $KAS, it could spark a meteoritic rise in its price.

$SUI and Alibaba Cloud Partners as Sui Network Shows Significant Growth

$SUI, which traded at $0.4 in October 2023, has been on an uptrend since then, surpassing the $1 price mark around January 11, 2024. The price of $SUI is currently at $1.77, signifying a 77% rise in the token’s value from its October price.  

One of the updates contributing to $SUI’s rally is the recent news of Alibaba Cloud, a leading cloud computing platform, partnering with Mysten Labs, an information technology platform, to assist developers on the SUI network. This partnership aims to introduce services and tools that will support the growth of the SUI network and potentially increase the adoption of its tokens. 

Impressive Rally and Game-Changing Partnership Propel $IMX Token to New Heights

$IMX is the native token of Immutable, an altcoin aiming to address NFTs’ challenges on the Ethereum blockchain. $IMX began its rally in October 2023, which made it peak at $2.597 on December 27, 2023. Despite dropping to $1.79 on January 23, it recovered, rising again by over 70% and reaching its current price of $3.07.

Aside from the positive effect of the recent rally of $BTC, another factor contributing to the $IMX’s  bullish trend is its recent launch of zkEVM Mainnet. This launch aims to bring scalability and low transaction costs to web3 gaming. Within the web3 game, the launch of Immutable’s zkEVM Mainnet will also help to reduce gaming costs and introduce new features that will enhance gaming experience.

$GFOX Reaches Presale Stage 8, Delivering Incredible ROI for Investors

Galaxy Fox is a remarkable option for anyone looking for crypto to buy now, and cannot afford $BTC.  The token has just entered stage 8 of its presale, marking a 10% increase in presale price from its previous stage 7 price. The platform has also raised over $3.3 million in these presale stages alone and it’s on course to reach the $3.5 million mark in a few days.

Galaxy Fox is an ERC-20-based blockchain platform that aims to transform the web-3 landscape by introducing an exciting runner game that allows participants to compete in a race for $GFOX tokens. The platform also introduces staking, a means to reward $GFOX holders for being loyal to the ecosystem.

The platform has a limited token supply of 5 billion and has already sold over 2.6 billion of them in its ongoing presale. Galaxy Fox, ensuring that its token keeps gaining value, aims to implement a mechanism called ‘token burn’, meant to systematically remove $GFOX tokens from circulation to increase its scarcity. 

Galaxy Fox is currently in stage 8 of its presale and one $GFIX is selling for just $0.002178. When it enters stage 9, it will rise to $0.002376, offering investors who invested at this current stage a 9% return on their investments. 


As $BTC continues its bullish rally, altcoins like $KAS, $SUI, and $IMX are expected to follow suit, delivering impressive gains for their investors. However, $GFOX which offers one of the best risk to reward ratios in the industry right now is preferred by many investors.

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