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  • With XRP price consolidating above $0.6, the top market analyst has projected a $107 price target in the long term.
  • With positive fundamentals in the market, XRP’s future looks bright with the likelihood of hitting this target.

Renowned market analyst, EGRAG CRYPTO, has set eyes on a bold target for XRP, predicting a surge to $107. The analyst’s anticipation stems from a bullish hammer pattern spotted within the 3-month timeframe. Despite XRP lagging behind other altcoins in the current bullish market, EGRAG remains steadfast in its confidence, citing historical correlation and unique price behavior.

EGRAG’s XRP Price Analysis

EGRAG’s analysis suggests that XRP tends to move distinctively, forsaking traditional wave patterns for what he terms “Rocket Style” movements. He argues that XRP has considerable potential for quick upward growth. Drawing attention to the ongoing three-month candlestick, EGRAG highlights a potential bullish hammer formation, signaling a bullish trend continuation.

The current candlestick, which began in January, is expected to close soon, with EGRAG anticipating a climb to $1.27 before it does. However, this ascension faces considerable opposition at the upper trendline of a multi-year symmetrical triangle. XRP has been trading within this triangle since its all-time high in January 2018, signaling an extended period of consolidation.

Comparing historical patterns, EGRAG draws parallels between the current symmetrical triangle and a similar formation observed from mid-2013 to late 2016. Following a breakout in Q1 2017, XRP witnessed a dramatic surge, surpassing key resistance levels. EGRAG presents a measured green line, similar to a previous blue line, suggesting potential price milestones if XRP follows a similar course.

Should XRP adhere to this green path, EGRAG identifies crucial price targets, including a rally to $7.5, followed by $11, and potentially reaching $27. However, the most ambitious target stands at $107.3, contingent upon XRP breaching the $27 level.

Fundamental Factors Driving XRP’s Potential

Echoing earlier coverage by Crypto News Flash, XRP has now crossed the $0.60 threshold. As of the latest data from MarketCap, XRP is trading at $0.621, demonstrating an increase of 1.04%, with its market capitalization pegged at $33.9 billion.

Despite recent market corrections and regulatory challenges, Ripple, the company that uses XRP for financial settlement, has continued to strengthen its infrastructure and pursue global adoption. 

Notably, Ripple has made significant progress in its legal battle against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), boosting investor confidence. Additionally, strategic acquisitions such as Standard Custody aim to support Ripple’s offerings and expand its reach in the financial sector.

Beyond the speculative realm, XRP’s utility in facilitating international transactions has garnered attention from industry leaders, as previously reported by Crypto News Flash. CEO Brad Garlinghouse emphasizes XRP’s ability to streamline cross-border payments, offering efficiency and cost savings for financial institutions. With the potential to disrupt the $27 trillion held by banks worldwide, XRP stands at the forefront of transforming traditional banking systems.

As XRP continues to disrupt the financial sector, only time will tell if EGRAG CRYPTO’s predictions will come to fruition, but for now, the XRP community is eagerly watching for signs of a rocket-style rally.


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