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  • The Litecoin ecosystem might be making a comeback as market data spotlights growth in the usage of LTC for payments.
  • The altcoin has notably surpassed a handful of its counterparts, including the apex cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

As the cryptocurrency market becomes increasingly appealing, the year has introduced a large number of crypto assets to new players. Litecoin is one such token experiencing growth as a result of this year’s uptrend. Fresh data has now revealed LTC‘s promising position in the market, as usage rises.

According to data shared by BitPay, the Litecoin (LTC) protocol has seen a significant growth in the number of new users adopting the asset as a payment method. A 41% increase in LTC’s dominance as a payment option was recorded on BitPay, marking a new all-time high for the asset.

With LTC becoming a lading asset payment processor, one can deduce a decent growth in adoption rate.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, the official Litecoin page shared the new development in an announcement to its followers, while noting that Litecoin surpassed other altcoins to top the list.

“Litecoin is the crypto for payments!! Reaching a new ATH of over 41% of all payments on the world’s leading crypto payment processor. LTC is the market leader in real use. More people pay with Litecoin than the other 3 combined!” Litecoin wrote.

The Litecoin network has hit multiple milestones in 2024

As depicted in the BitPay payment chart, LTC beat six other digital currencies to earn the first spot. MATIC, BCH, and USDT emerged as the bottom three, with payment counts totaling at 5.06%, 5.59%, and 3.69% respectively. ETH and DOGE are right above the aforementioned altcoins, with payment counts of 9.05% and 6.8% each.

The apex cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is right behind LTC with 24.365 in payment counts. Despite the asset securing massive gains in price value, following the roll-out of multiple ETFs, the increased adoption levels have yet to reflect in the payment ecosystem.

The new milestone is especially important for LTC’s price, which has largely been stagnant for the past year. Community members had voiced their concerns over the asset’s underwhelming performance. However, BitPay’s recent metrics imply an increase in adoption, and position LTC as an attractive asset for investors.

Interestingly, LTC has responded positively to the recent announcement. The asset has recorded a daily price surge of 4.68%. Over the last week, LTC has secured 4.57% in weekly gains. The altcoin now trades at a press time price of $88.55.

Litecoin has been noting significant development in network value. Back in February, Litecoin processed its 230 millionth transaction. 24 million of these transactions had been processed in 2024. More recently, Litecoin’s hashrate has surpassed more than one quadrillion hashes; a value that specifies how many hashes have been generated by Litecoin miners looking to solve the current block.

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