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  • A US Treasury Department’s registered exchange, Atlantis, has announced support for XRP trading. 
  • Trading started on March 17, but withdrawal would start on March 20 according to the report

In a monumental shift for the crypto industry, Ripple’s XRP reached a significant milestone with its newfound support from Atlantis Exchange, an exchange registered with the US Treasury Department. This marks a pivotal moment for the asset, unlocking an advanced level of adoption to cement its legitimacy.

According to the announcement made by the exchange on X, the XRP trading commenced on the platform on March 17 at 5:00 AM UTC and is paired with USDB. However, the XRP deposit commenced on March 13.

Elaborating on this, the exchange disclosed that BNB Chain (BEP20) is the supported network for XRP deposits. This stems from the fact that Atlantis Exchange has not yet integrated XRP Ledger into its platform. According to the report, the fee associated with the XRP trading has been fixed at 0.2%. With today marking the second day of trading, users would have to wait till March 20 to make withdrawals. 

Justifying the support for XRP trading, Atlantis Exchange explained that the asset has played a crucial role in cross-border payment. It has also been the primary native token for the XRPL. The exchange, on the other hand, has positioned itself as one of the leading platforms within the crypto space.

According to its post on X, it is the first disruptive international exchange with next-gen Fintech solutions. In addition to its registration with the US regulators, the exchange also claims to be fully registered with the United Nations. 

Atlantis Exchange – Global is the FIRST disruptive international exchange with next-gen FinTech solutions. It’s lawfully registered with the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the United Nations.

Atlantis Exchange Concerns, Analyst Predicts $8 for XRP

Regardless of its status in the crypto ecosystem, some market participants have questioned the reliability of Atlantis Exchange with a YouTube video labeling it as a scam. Despite these accusations, it is expected that the latest integration will trigger a price appreciation for XRP.  According to crypto analyst “Bobby A,” XRP has a huge potential to hit between $8 and $13. 

No my $8-$13 target for #XRP hasn’t changed. I’m more bullish than ever. And yes my targets will prove to be conservative. Cheers.

It can be recalled that this analyst earlier made this prediction in July 2023. Interestingly, he renewed this target in January when the crypto market was undergoing serious turbulence. According to him, XRP is in its bullish phase. However, he cautioned investors against FOMO which may lead to missed opportunities. He explained that the crypto market does not move in a straight line.

In this case, the ongoing bullish signs may not be apparent to all observers. “Bobby A” further stated that XRP investors would realize that the initial targets are conservative when the market breaks out. Prior to this prediction, another analyst had predicted that XRP could hit $450, and was reviewed by Crypto News Flash

XRP is currently trading at $0.61 after declining by 3% from year to date. 


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