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  • Avalanche and Alipay+ team up for a Web3 voucher program, offering big discounts on milk teas through e-wallets in Southeast Asia.
  • AvaCloud’s Subnet infrastructure and hybrid cloud model power the program, showcasing innovative blockchain solutions for digital commerce.

Avalanche Blockchain has partnered with Alipay+, China’s leading payment application, to introduce a cutting-edge e-wallet and voucher program. This collaborative effort represents a significant leap in digitalization solutions, integrating Web3 technology to redefine the landscape of digital transactions.

The partnership between Alipay+ and Avalanche blockchain has enabled the setup of the D-store, a unique digital solution that provides a Web3-enabled voucher program and easily connects e-wallets. Through smart partnerships with Southeast Asian groups, people can get coupons by playing fun mini-games from famous companies. These coupons give big discounts of up to 50% on milk teas from 10 popular brands, available at more than 500 shops in the area, with plans to grow to 2,000 more shops.

Additionally, at the center of this project is an Avalanche Subnet, carefully built and managed by AvaCloud. This subnet is the main support, helping the program run smoothly and reach over 100 million users, mainly in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Empowering User Interaction with Web3 Solutions

This project marks the initial phase of a two-part proof-of-concept (POC), with the second phase targeting food and beverage sellers. The Alipay+ D-store is a new ordering system that streamlines in-store processes, online sales, orders, marketing, and insights. E-wallet partners in Southeast Asia can seamlessly integrate this system. Moreover, the focus of the POC on food and beverage vendors is to boost customer loyalty, generate additional income, and encourage interaction between users and merchants.

The collaboration between Avalanche blockchain and Alipay+ serves as a platform to explore the potential of Web3 solutions in enhancing user interaction. Evidently, by leveraging Avalanche Subnets, the program offers unparalleled transparency, digital asset rails, and Web3 capabilities, setting a new standard in digital transactions.

Additionally, the Web3-enabled voucher program creates opportunities for brand partnerships with other companies by leveraging blockchain-powered features and digital collectibles. To ensure seamless integration and operation, AvaCloud is essential to simplify the deployment and management of subnets.

Collaborative Opportunities and Industry-Leading Web3 Capabilities

Avalanche’s state-of-the-art consensus protocol, Subnet infrastructure, and HyperSDK toolkit empower Web3 developers to effortlessly create robust, customized blockchain solutions. With transaction finalization in less than one second, Avalanche offers an eco-friendly blockchain.

By utilizing AvaCloud’s infrastructure, businesses can delegate labor-intensive tasks related to blockchain deployment and maintenance, making it easier to integrate and implement Web3 solutions. In addition, AvaCloud Subnets have already been embraced by industry giants like AWS, Deloitte, and SK Planet, showcasing their capacity to drive innovation and growth in cloud computing.

Notably, the Proof of Concept also demonstrates AvaCloud’s dedication to expanding the scope of cloud systems beyond conventional platforms such as AWS. AvaCloud displays its capacity to offer scalable and dependable infrastructure solutions catered to the demands of various organizations by implementing a “hybrid” architecture spanning AlibabaCloud and AWS. Furthermore, with RPC provided by AvaCloud on AWS and validators on AlibabaCloud, the Proof of Concept highlights the flexibility and agility of AvaCloud’s hybrid approach in fulfilling the changing needs of the digital economy.


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