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  • The DOGE community is rife with speculation on when the meme coin will be integrated into social media platform X as a payment option as Musk pushes to expand the platform’s capabilities.
  • Some claim that the integration is coming this year following patent applications by X, but others believe that X payments will launch without DOGE and that the crypto will come in subsequent upgrades.

DOGE, the world’s biggest meme coin could become so much more in the near future, with social media platform X likely to include it as one of its payment methods. The Dogecoin community has been debating when the move will be, with some anticipating it could be later this year.

Social media is flush with posts from Dogecoin enthusiasts touting 2024 as the year of payments, and the partnership with X is at the heart of this drive.

Since purchasing it for $44 billion, Elon Musk has been pushing to make X the ‘everything app,’ and payments are at the heart of this revolution. All the services that Musk intends to put on X, including ride-hailing, food delivery, and content delivery, will rely on efficient payments.

Couple this with Musk’s love for Dogecoin, and it’s easy to see why the entire community is excited. The tech billionaire, who still holds a lot of DOGE, has continuously pledged his support for the token, including backing it for payments for Teslas, as CNF reported.

When DOGE Payments?

That DOGE will make its way into X payments is no longer a question. The debate has now switched to when this will happen.

There are some who believe that it could happen as soon as this year. They point to X Payment’s three new licenses, which, as CNF reported, now expand its ability to process payments to 19 states in the US.

Then, there are others who are more level-headed and see the integration as a long-term target. For now, X Payments will launch with traditional payment methods, which are less risky and are formally regulated globally. Once it gets traction and hits threshold numbers, crypto will come next, with DOGE at the frontline in crypto integration.

This view was reported on by the Financial Times last year, with two unnamed sources claiming that Musk wants to launch fiat payments first before exploring crypto, although the Tesla CEO has yet to make any statement on the same.

As one X user notes, “Whether they will integrate Dogecoin immediately after obtaining the licenses, or whether they will start with fiat payments first and introduce crypto later probably depends on the readiness of the system and logistics.”

Another user involved in a minor capacity with the development of Dogecoin concurs that fiat might be first before crypto slips in. He wrote:

I think you are spot-on [about fiat first and crypto later], this is what I think as well. I expect the crypto part of X payments also to come from some collaboration with some exchanges or brokerage platforms: but who knows? We will see.

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