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  • VeChain partners with Tangem for an exclusive hardware wallet, enhancing secure crypto transactions.
  • The collaboration introduces ‘Web3 for B3TR’, a limited edition, credit-card-sized hardware wallet.

VeChain, a leading global smart contract platform, is pioneering real-world blockchain applications. This technology forms a collaborative framework, bringing together individuals, businesses, and organizations to fulfill shared objectives. In a significant development, VeChain has joined hands with Tangem, unveiling ‘Web3 for B3TR’, a limited edition, stylish hardware wallet.

This partnership aims to revolutionize the blockchain sphere by fostering scalable cooperation among various stakeholders. The collaboration between VeChain and Tangem epitomizes this goal, focusing on hardware wallet innovation.

As described in the CNF YouTube video below, the ‘Web3 for B3TR’ wallet, designed for the VeFam community, offers secure, self-managed storage for $VET tokens. Avail yourself of a special discount with the code VET10, blending elegance with top-tier security in cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

Previously, VeChain’s official account announced their partnership with Tangem, creating this sleek, credit-card-sized wallet. Aptly named ‘Web3 for B3TR’, it’s a fashionable and secure way to handle your digital assets. Secure a pair at vechain.tangem.com using the exclusive discount code VET10.

Stressing the significance of this collaboration, I also tweeted this development to elevate your cryptocurrency experience with VeChain and Tangem’s ‘Web3 for B3TR’ wallet. Secure your $VET in style and benefit from the exclusive VET10 discount. This limited edition offers unparalleled security.

Enhanced Security and Convenience: VeChainThor Protocol Meets Tangem Wallet

As CNF recently reported, VeChainThor has reached a historic milestone with over 2 million transactions. Now integrated into the Tangem Wallet as part of our Winter Blockchain Marathon, the protocol enables Tangem users to securely manage VET, VTHO coins, and other VeChainThor blockchain-based tokens.

Tangem Wallet stands out as a reliable cold storage option, thanks to its EAL6+ CC-certified chip, ensuring superior protection against various security threats. It combines the convenience of a physical card with NFC compatibility, suitable for use with any smartphone.

As per the latest VET price chart, VeChain is currently trading at around $0.0405, with a minor increase of 0.12% in the past day and a decline of 11.53% over the past week.

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