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Octoblock and Shiba Inu are strong buys on every savvy investor’s menu. Octoblock runs an exciting ICO with comprehensive revenue-generating strategies that benefit the platform and investors. Shiba Inu offers investors innovation spiced with community participation.

Octoblock (OCTO): A Portfolio Worth Holding Onto

Octoblock has attracted analysts’ attention as they feature its rich offerings on their channels. The cFyF (Crowd Funded Yield Farming) strategy benefits the investors by empowering them with a common stand through resource pooling for better negotiation power. Rather than acting individually, investors can realize the effects of one voice through collaborative efforts that foster inclusive decision-making and access to key DeFi products.

Octoblock’s ICO involves more perks than ordinary ICOs and features a discounted OCTO value of $0.037 and a 13% bonus. The project will undergo 14 phases and cap with a launch price of $0.10. ICO holders are entered into a Tesla draw, and their funds will keep growing as the Nautilus Trove reinvests through ICO staking. The Trove is tasked with revenue and profit generation that goes into holders’ wallets, while the rest fund charitable organizations identified by members. 

Octoblock’s philanthropic approach is driven by The Tentacle Trust through credible partnerships. The funded organizations are those pursuing a healthy marine life and carbon-free environment. The Tentacle Trust will utilize its 5% allocation as tendered by the Nautilus Trove. The Trove rewards APY stands at 185.5%, with approximately $1026.69 in payouts.

Octoblock’s Coral Cove DEX handles multi-chain transactions across hundreds of virtual currencies. Coral Cove DEX will deploy a user-friendly mechanism for all users regardless of experience or location. Octoblock’s ICO has attracted users across chains, manifested by increased inflows.

Shiba Inu coin news

There’s positive Shiba Inu coin news regarding Shibarium’s milestone of 413 million transactions. The increased transactions signify mass adoption and renewed interest in SHIB tokens. Shiba Inu has also accelerated its burn mechanism, realizing over 400T tokens burnt. Its eager community is calling for an accelerated burn mechanism to realize meaningful price increases. 

Will Shiba Inu go up? 

After a recent dip, Shiba Inu (SHIB) seems to be rebounding and showing signs of recovery as its price reaches $0.000029. Several factors contribute to this positive movement, including optimism among investors. The increase in SHIB token burns to reduce supply and drive SHIB’s upward trend, contributing to the rising price. The above Shiba Inu news fuels speculation that the recent SHIB price correction may end. Shiba Inu news reports whale accumulation of the token by buying into the dip. The whale action signifies optimism of SHIB price increases in the future. However, SHIB investment is prone to fluctuations, and price action is subject to the influencer effects.

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Website: https://octoblock.io/


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