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Excitement is building in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space as Octoblock prepares for its upcoming USDC airdrop. This highly anticipated event underscores Octoblock’s commitment to rewarding presale holders and fostering a robust and engaged community.

What is Octoblock (OCTO)?

Octoblock is a new protocol that seeks to provide an engaging, profitable, and socially impactful DeFi experience for users. At the heart of Octoblock’s revenue-generation strategy lies the Nautilus Trove. This system will accumulate the asset inflows to the ecosystem, including an initial capital injection from contributors that will serve as the foundational seed value. The Trove will then strategically allocate the assets to DeFi strategies and investments in yield-bearing ventures, ensuring a balance of stability and growth potential for Octoblock.

Notably, 45% of the profits generated by the Trove will be distributed to OCTO token holders through monthly USDC airdrops. The timing of the airdrops and the recording of treasury asset/drop values will be meticulously synchronized but will not be made public until a snapshot of holders is completed. This is intended to prevent system manipulation by users who may seek to temporarily buy assets in order to become eligible for the airdrops. Moreover, the allocation will be directly proportional to the share of holdings. For example, if an individual possesses 0.2% of the non-LP OCTO supply at the snapshot moment, they will receive 0.2% of the USDC allocated for that month’s airdrop.

Additionally, Octoblock’s Saltwater Sweepstake will randomly distribute 5% of the revenue to addresses within the community. The greater the number of tokens an address holds, the higher the probability of securing a win, ensuring equitability and integrating Game-Fi mechanics. 

Furthermore, DeFi users will be able to maximize their earnings through Octoblock’s Crowd Funded Yield Farming (cFyF). This mechanism will involve participants pooling their resources to access higher-yield farming opportunities. Participating in cFyF may also grant eligibility for airdrops, further enhancing the potential returns on investment.

The Octoblock ICO airdrop


Unlike other Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), any tokens acquired in the Octoblock ICO are immediately included in a staking process. Each week, OCTO tokens will be credited to investors’ account balances, with the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) calculated based on the price of OCTO at the particular stage of the ICO and prominently displayed on their official website.   

The Octoblock team announced their first successful airdrop on April 9, with $100 of OCTO valued at $124, representing an APY of 185.5%. They also revealed that the Nautilus Trove had received its first USDC installment, signaling that the system will now start airdropping USDC stablecoins alongside OCTO. The next Octoblock airdrop is set to be around the end of the ongoing Phase 3, which is on April 16. In addition to potentially receiving USDC airdrops, Octoblock ICO participants also get an entry to an exclusive Tesla giveaway for each OCTO token bought. The draw for the giveaway will be conducted after the conclusion of the ICO, with the winner selected at random. 


For more information on Octoblock:

Website: https://octoblock.io/

Buy OCTO: https://reef.octoblock.io/register


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