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  • The Ripple IPO, speculated to reach a valuation of $600 per share, holds promise for propelling XRP to new heights.
  • Linda Jones projected Ripple’s shares to soar to $600 post-IPO, translating to a 1,242% increase in valuation, potentially influencing XRP’s price upwards of $6.0.

As the Ripple vs SEC case reportedly turns toward its conclusion, everyone is now paying attention to the Ripple IPO likely to arrive by the end of this year.

If Ripple were to undergo an IPO in the United States and achieve a valuation of $600 per share, it could potentially propel the XRP price to new heights. However, discussions regarding the anticipated Ripple IPO have dwindled recently, with the community shifting its attention to more immediate concerns such as XRP’s lackluster performance amidst the ongoing bullish market conditions.

Despite failing to rally alongside the broader market during the recent uptrend, XRP has now experienced a significant decline amid the current downtrend. Notably, while Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have experienced respective declines of 3.86% and 5.13% over the past 24 hours, XRP has plummeted by 8.18%, slipping below the crucial $0.50 support level, per the Crypto News Flash report.

Speculation abounds among market analysts regarding potential catalysts for an XRP price resurgence, with many eyeing significant price targets ranging from two to three-digit figures. One prominent factor under consideration is the possibility of a Ripple initial public offering (IPO), per the Crypto News Flash report.

Although Ripple has not officially announced a specific timeline for its IPO, CEO Brad Garlinghouse has acknowledged the likelihood of such an event in the future. Additionally, Wall Street veteran Linda Jones revealed last August that research firm Pitchbook has assigned a 98% probability of Ripple going public.

XRP Price Prediction After IPO

Linda Jones asserted that Ripple may strategically time its IPO launch during periods of relatively low XRP prices. Notably, U.S. attorney John Deaton has also speculated that Ripple could pursue an IPO within a year of achieving regulatory victories in the United States.

Last May, Jones asserted that Ripple’s shares could skyrocket to $600 after the IPO, reflecting a valuation of $97.7 billion, citing multiple factors such as Coinbase’s valuation post-IPO, and Ripple’s extensive XRP holdings. Notably, data from Linqto indicates that Ripple’s pre-IPO shares currently trade for $44.69, much higher than the $35 value last year.

A surge from the current figure would translate to a 1,242% increase in Ripple’s valuation. Such a massive increase could favorably impact the price of XRP, but there is little historical precedence of correlating data to accurately gauge the scale of this impact. Currently trading for $0.4940 following the market crash, if XRP’s price surged by a similar 1,242% rate expected of Ripple’s shares, it would hit $6.63.

Industry commentators have projected that a rise in Ripple’s shares post-IPO would trigger a similar surge in XRP’s price, leading to anticipation of an IPO among XRP proponents. This argument takes into account the historical correlation between Bitcoin (BTC) and the stocks of Bitcoin mining companies.

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