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  • Crypto analyst Mags predicts a 700% surge in Dogecoin’s price which will drive Dogecoin price to $1.17.
  • Current market dynamics and positive on-chain metrics support the analyst’s significant prediction.

Crypto Analyst, Mags, provoked the interests of Dogecoin enthusiasts and the crypto realm at large after predicting a a 700% price surge that will send Dogecoin above $1. Such a significant surge could constitute an all-time high of $1.17. This prediction was supported by the recent revival in Dogecoin’s on-chain metrics suggesting a very bullish outlook. 

The meme coin, currently trading at 0.163, has often grabbed the attention of crypto enthusiasts following its unpredictable price movements.  

Mags received wide publicity after correctly predicting Dogecoin’s 170x price surge in the last bullish run. Sharing his latest predictions, Mag took to X (formerly Twitter)  that Dogecoin is on a parabolic verge and is expected to make a 700x leap. 

This prediction arrays with other crypto analysts such as Ali Martinez who see Dogecoin pacing its way up to the $1 mark.

Additionally, Mags asserted that he has been adding to his DOGE holdings preparing for a significant return on investment. A 700x times jump from its current trading price would drive the token to the $1.17 mark. This prediction aligns with the expectations of many in the crypto community.

If you find Mag’s prediction astonishing, Crypto analyst Capt Toblerone’s prediction will leave you tongue-tied. Toblerone foresees an aggressive 1,300% rally that could push the DOGE to $1.5.  With 43,000 followers on X, Toblerone also cautions that Dogecoin might first experience a 30% dip, dropping to around $0.108 before embarking on this sharp rise.

This strategic dip could be a buying opportunity for those willing to indulge in the high-risk high reward mechanism.

Data from IntoTheBlock, a market intelligence platform, backs Dogecoin’s bullish sentiment. According to Into TheBlock, DOGE experienced a 2.64% increase in large transactions, suggesting that whales are actively accumulating Dogecoin. Additionally, the Bid-Ask Volume Imbalance has turned positive, further reinforcing a bullish outlook for the cryptocurrency.

Despite the bullish outlook, investors should be on the lookout as a huge chunk of Doge investors are already in profit. Thus, there is a risk of sell-offs that could temporarily depress Dogecoin’s price. However, focusing on the other side of the coin, such dips offer investors who want to join and capitalize on the predicted surge.

Furthermore, a Bloomberg analyst ran speculations for a Dogecoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). He suggested that Dogecoin ETF will be among the next spot ETFs to launch following the launch of Ethereum ETFs. 

At the time of writing, DOGE was trading at $0.1722 having seen a modest 1.80% gain over the past day, even as trading volume dipped by 22% to settle at $1.26 billion. 

In conclusion, current market dynamics and positive on-chain metrics solidify the $1.17 prediction for investors to buy.

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