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  • IOTA and LINKS Foundation partnership strengthens IOTA Identity with advanced zero-knowledge credentials.
  • The integration aims to enhance user privacy and control over data, promoting digital autonomy.

In a notable advancement for blockchain technology, IOTA has teamed up with the LINKS Foundation to enhance IOTA Identity through the integration of zero-knowledge selective disclosure credentials. This collaboration, recently highlighted in an IOTA tweet, marks a significant step in providing users with greater privacy and control over their personal data, affirming a shared commitment to digital autonomy.

According to a recent update from IOTA, in partnership with the LINKS Foundation, the foundation has now joined the Identity Working Group, which includes builders utilizing IOTA Identity to foster the adoption of self-sovereign identity (SSI). This collaboration aims to integrate zero-knowledge credentials to enhance the security and privacy of data sharing.

  1. Identity Working Group Formation: The Identity Working Group was established in July 2023 by IOTA in partnership with various organizations like walt.id, Teleconsys, and TangleLabs. It focuses on the development and maintenance of the IOTA Identity Library, an initiative aimed at advancing self-sovereign identity technologies.
  2. LINKS Foundation’s Role: Recently joining the Identity Working Group, the LINKS Foundation brings its expertise in cybersecurity and zero-knowledge proofs. It’s actively involved in significant projects like QUBIP, which focuses on transitioning digital identity protocols to post-quantum cryptography, showcasing its commitment to enhancing data security and privacy.
  3. Advancements in Selective Disclosure: IOTA’s Identity Working Group prioritizes selective disclosure, a key feature of self-sovereign identity that allows users to share specific aspects of their credentials. This initiative supports two main types of selective disclosure implementations: Selective Disclosure JSON Web Token (SD-JWT) and BBS+-based Selective Disclosure, each providing different levels of security, flexibility, and data privacy control.

Aligning with an earlier update by CNF on IOTA’s breakthroughs, the LINKS Foundation has been pivotal in developing a digital passport for raw materials within the Mastermine EU project. This effort utilizes IOTA’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to establish a groundbreaking digital passport system, aimed at transforming the EU mining landscape by enhancing transparency and traceability.

IOTA is currently trading at $0.2233, experiencing a decrease of 1.73% over the past day and a 2.96% decline over the past week. For more detailed insights and price trends, view the IOTA price chart.

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